Google Pixel 3 Release

Google Pixel 3 What's New With the Google Pixel 3 Release? Google has unveiled the New Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. These two new smartphones are the latest additions to the Android Smartphone

GDPR Week 5 – Documentation

GDPR Week 5 It’s actually here!  The final week of our GDPR updates!  We hope these updates have proven to be useful and taken the sting out of the upcoming GDPR changes.  We have had

GDPR Week 3

GDPR Week 3 Its week three of our GDPR journey together! We hope these bite-size chunks are helping tame the beast that is GDPR and removing some of the fear of what’s required.  Please

GDPR Week 2 – Personal Data Protection

GDPR Week 2 As discussed last week, almost all small businesses will hold personal data to some degree.  As part of our ongoing effort to make life easier for our customers, we are