Pay As You Go IT Support

All-You-Can-Eat IT Support

£35per computer (Minimum of 2)

Pay-As-Go IT Support

£175per 15 minutes

What is PAY-AS-YOU-GO IT Support?

Pay as you go computer support means that you will only ever pay for the Support you need and have used. There are no contracts and no fixed costs or terms and is entirely flexible to your needs, so if you use one unit (a quarter of an hour) this month and 50 hours next month that’s all you will ever pay! You can call us when you need us and not when you don’t, what could be easier?

Here are a handful of the many benefits ad hoc Support can offer you:

  • Pay for only the time you have used
  • No fixed fees or monthly contracts
  • Onsite and remote support available
  • Hassle free support from IT Professionals who want to help you!
  • Pay in comfortable 15-minute units
  • No call out fees or minimum charges
  • Fixed pricing available for project work 

Where we go above and beyond the norm!

Anyone can set up as a Computer Support business; they don’t need to know much just a few skills to google fixes to the issues they come across. We are IT Professionals, all of our team are fully trained to deal with your support requirements and backed by long-standing professionals with over 30 years’ experience. We have never met an IT problem that we haven’t been able to fix, so much so we put out money where our mouth is and offer a No Fix, No Fee option, if we can’t fix it you don’t pay for it! Like with all things, some issues aren’t viable to fix as a new machine offers better value, but we are in a great position to be able to advise when this is the case and on what’s required. 

What sets us apart from other Computer Support companies is that:

We genuinely care about our customers. We always work for what’s in their best interests and not ours. With no lock-ins, no ‘essential’ services, just pay for what you need, when you need it and the rest of the time we won’t hassle you, though we may give you a quick call now and then to check everything is going well for you because we love to know that you’re happy!

We are transparent in everything we do. You will always know what’s happening when we are working on your machine or network, so you have full control over what we do, we send one (easy to understand) invoice at the end 

How many other Pay As You Go IT support companies do you know that do this?

We Do Your IT Limited is a Business Computer Support Company based in Bristol that offers service and computer support differently.

Pay as You Go IT Support