Hi, I'm Sabien Abeyesekera

IT Consultant

I am a tall, dark, and handsome individual who firmly believes that success is not found in comfort. As a self-motivated, confident, and versatile professional, I have gained valuable experience working in IT. My enthusiasm and eagerness to gain more experience and progress have made me an asset in the world of technology.


My passion for IT stems from its ever-evolving nature and wide applicability to modern day-to-day life. I am fascinated by the constant advancements in the field and enjoy being at the forefront of these changes.


In my spare time, I indulge in a variety of activities. I train in MMA, revealing my dedication to physical fitness and mental discipline. Additionally, I delve into religious texts and philosophies, highlighting my inquisitive nature and eagerness to comprehend the world that surrounds me. My love for the great outdoors also speaks volumes about my appreciation for nature and adventure.


Adding a touch of uniqueness to my personality, I share a strong connection with my Russian grandma. This cultural link has undoubtedly influenced my perspective on life, adding depth and richness to my personality.

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