ChatGPT Freed To Access The Web Via Plugins

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OpenAI have recently announced that their Conversational Chatbot, ChatGPT, will now be able to use plugins to improve its capabilities and outputs. The decision is part of an effort by OpenAI to make ChatGPT a more powerful tool for businesses seeking to automate conversations between customers and employees, or simply as an AI-driven virtual assistant.

What are Plugins?

The term ‘plugin’ refers to any software component or module which can be added on top of another program in order to extend its features and functionalities. In this case, OpenAI has developed a set of plugins specifically designed for ChatGPT, which will allow it to access external web services and databases. This means that ChatGPT can now learn from a wider range of data sources, including images, videos, audio files and text documents.

In addition to accessing external web services and databases, the plugins also allow ChatGPT to process data from user-generated content such as social media posts, blog comments and other online conversations. This will enable the chatbot to learn more about the topics that its users are discussing, and respond more accurately to customer queries.

What Benefits Does This Offer?

The new plugins offer a wide range of benefits for businesses that choose to use ChatGPT. By integrating external web services and databases, the chatbot will be able to provide customers with more accurate and comprehensive answers to their queries. Additionally, the chatbot will be able to access user-generated content from social media, blogs and other online conversations, allowing it to gain a greater understanding of the topics its users are discussing.

In addition, the plugins make ChatGPT more cost-effective for businesses, as they are able to access a wide range of data sources without having to manage and store large amounts of information themselves. This will save businesses time and money, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.


By using plugins, OpenAI has opened up new possibilities for businesses when it comes to leveraging AI-driven chatbots. The ability to access external web services and databases, as well as user-generated content, makes ChatGPT a more comprehensive tool for customer service and other automated conversations. Furthermore, the implementation of additional security measures ensures that users’ data remains safe and secure. The potential of ChatGPT and its plugins is sure to be an exciting development for businesses seeking to leverage AI-driven conversations.