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Find out more about our mission, vision, values, our team and our partners.

Our Code Of Conduct

IT Professionals


The IT industry is something that everyone 

relies on every day, even if they do not realise it. If you have a computer you rely on IT professionals but it is difficult to tell who is reputable or not. We believe that all IT professionals should be a member of a professional body, this is why we fund all of our staff to have professional membership to the British Computer Society. As we are regulated by this professional body we all adhere to the British Computer Society Code of Conduct details of which can be found here

Our Code Of Conduct

Communications ProfessionalsRegulated Telephone Company

Our Communications Services are regulated by the federation of communication services and we follow their code of conduct and they are available to mediate on you behalf if you should have a dispute with us.

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Our Mission

We Make Technology Our Problem, So Business Owner’s Can Get On With What They Do Best


– Provide Excellent Customer Service At Every Opportunity

– Help Customers by Being Creative With Technology Issues

– Make All Issues Our Problem, Keeping Customer Informed With Every Step

– Communicate Regularly to Ensure All Problems Are Fixed to a High Standard

– If The Problem Cannot be Fixed, Don’t Charge Anything

Always Suggest Solutions That Improve The Customer’s Business

Our Vision

To Simplify and Improve the Lives of Our Customers and Staff

– To be famous in the south west for providing the very best customer experience within the technology sector.

– To help every single customer have a resilient system against all downtime.

– To improve the personal lives for every single customer through flexible and smart technology systems.

– To support and develop every member of our team to be degree level qualified.

We Do Your Group

We Have Provided Our Support Since 2006, Below is our Journey So Far

October 2006
Where it all began
Cartoon image of small people sat on a laptop, with gears, graphs, laptops and mobile phones
We Do Your IT Founded
August 2010
Remote Access
Cartoon image of small man in front of large computer screen showing email symbol and video player
Away From My Desk founded
July 2013
Hardware & Software
Cartoon image of filter - Representing Java, HTML, PHP - Man sat on top of it with a laptop
We Do Your IT Supplies Founded
July 2015
Cartoon image of large computer screen, with multiple people carrying parts of the screen, such as websites and graphs - Working
We Do your Hosting Founded
October 2016
Cartoon image of large wifi symbol with three people sat on or around it, whilst on laptops and phones
We Do Your Communications Founded
January 2019
Cartoon image of large megaphone with people stood around it smiling
We Do Your Marketing Founded

Meet The Professional Team

Each member of our team knows the importance of working together to take the burden of our customer’s technology issues

Meet Our Directors

Meet Our IT and Comms Team

Josh Staff Photo

Josh Linbourne

IT and Comms Manager

Ant Staff Photo

Anthony Teddy

Team Leader - Comms

Bart Staff Photo

Bart Konieczny

IT/Comms Consultant

Tom Linbourne-Caddick

IT Consultant

Meet Our Marketing Team

Jake Cook

Marketing Consultant

Faryha Ahmad

Marketing Consultant

Meet Our Solutions Consultants

Image of Bekah, Remote Access Team Leader

Bekah Stammers

Solutions Consultant Manager

Beth Stammers

Solutions Consultant

Jess Cason

Solutions Consultant

Catherine Hughes

Solutions Consultant

Our Partners

The keys to good customer service is choosing the right partners to help us define excellent customer service for everyone

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Microsoft Silver Cloud Partner
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