Hi, I'm Adam Gillett


I’m a kind and considerate soul, naturally drawn to helping others. My journey into IT was inspired by my father, a true techie at heart. I quickly discovered that I had an uncanny knack for understanding the logic of technical issues and communicating these complexities to those not as tech-savvy. It’s a skill I truly enjoy using and one that has proven to be beneficial to others.


When it comes to our customers, my ultimate goal is to cultivate trust through consistent, reliable advice and service. I want to manage their technical systems and responsibilities efficiently, thereby relieving them of unnecessary burdens.


In my spare time, you’ll often find me tinkering with home automation and car tech. I also enjoy a good game of squash, darts, or golf. I may not be the best player, but for me, it’s all about the fun and relaxation that comes with the game.


When I’m not indulging in my hobbies, I love spending time with my son – building Lego sets, engaging in thrilling Nerf dart battles, or going on family bike rides. As much as I love being an IT professional, I’m also a devoted family man who values work-life balance.

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