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Using Sailing with Sustainability

Here we look at the new technologies that could lead to a more environmentally friendly and ‘cleaner’ shipping industry. We also look briefly at promising clean tech innovations for air freight.

Android Phones Now Have a Satellite Connection

Iridium, a satellite phone company, and Qualcomm, a chip manufacturer, are partnering to bring satellite connectivity to premium Android smartphones later in the year.

Using Outsourced IT Support

Looking at this question in two parts, we’ll first look at the pros and cons of opting for outsourced IT support.

Denmark’s Success with Bank Robberies

Although figures show no bank robberies last year in Denmark, online banking fraud and other digital crimes are now replacing the traditional ‘hold-up’.

2023’s Tech Trends

In this feature, we look at some of the most prominent tech trends for 2023 and how businesses could benefit from them.

Latest News

See our latest article, post and blogs