We Do Your Group Background

Our Journey

We Have Provided Our Support Since 2006, Below is our Journey So Far

October 2006

We Do Your IT Support is Founded

We Do Your IT Support, an IT solutions company, was founded in 2006 by technology aficionados, Rob and Adam. Our growth has been dynamic over the years, as we’ve continuously adapted to the ever-evolving IT environment and set new benchmarks in the industry. The innovative vision and tireless dedication of our founders have steered our progress and molded us into the successful company we are today.

We Do Your IT Support Background

August 2010

Away From My Desk is founded

Founded in August 2010 by Rob and Jody, Away From My Desk Company was born out of a market gap for remote work solutions. The company offers services fostering flexibility and efficiency beyond physical offices, making it a trusted ally for businesses embracing the future of work.

Away from my desk which background

July 2013

We do your iT supplies is founded

We Do Your IT Supplies, founded in July 2013 by Rob, Adam, and Jody, is a trusted provider of diverse IT solutions. We offer cutting-edge computers and software. Our commitment to innovation ensures our clients get the best IT products. Our dedicated team caters to businesses of all sizes, helping them streamline operations and achieve their goals.

We Do Your IT Supplies Background

July 2015

We do your Hosting is founded

We Do Your Hosting was established in July 2015 by Jody, Adam, and Rob. Their vision was to create a hosting company that prioritised reliability and exceptional customer service. Since its inception, their company has been delivering superior hosting solutions, enabling businesses to focus on their primary operations.

We Do Your Hosting Background

October 2016

We do your Communications is founded

We Do Your Communications, established in October 2016 by Rob, Adam, and Jody, is a progressive company specializing in bespoke communication solutions. Its success is rooted in the founders’ innovation and dedication to client-focused services.


We Do Your Comms Background

January 2019

We do your Marketing is founded

We Do Your Marketing, a marketing company focused on the clients needs and wants, was established in January 2019. The brainchild of Rob, Adam, Jody, and Harry, the company was born out of a shared vision to provide innovative and personalized marketing solutions.

We Do Your Marketing Limited Company Logo In White