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Professional Associations

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British Computer Society (BCS)


The British Computer Society (BCS) offers memberships for IT professionals at various career stages, providing access to a network, professional development opportunities, and resources like publications and events. Members can achieve chartered status, a recognized professional standard. BCS promotes computing advancements for public benefit, encouraging ethical practices and skill enhancement in the IT community. We are committed to following their code of conduct.


We have an organisational Membership with BCS.



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Federation of Communication Services (FCS)


The Federation of Communication Services (FCS) represents UK telecommunications companies, providing members with regulatory updates, industry insights, and networking opportunities. It advocates for fair competition and influences policy, offering benefits like exclusive events, training, and compliance guidance, crucial for companies in the communications sector. We are committed to following their code of conduct.


Registration under We Do Your Communications Limited.




Chartered Management Institute (CMI)


The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in the UK offers memberships for managers and leaders at different career stages, providing resources, training, and networking opportunities. Members can achieve chartered status, highlighting professional competence. CMI is dedicated to improving management standards and organizational performance.


Company membership is not available but we have individually registered team members.



Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)


The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is a leading professional marketing body, based in the UK, dedicated to promoting and developing the marketing profession. It offers training, qualifications, and resources to marketing professionals at all levels, fostering their career growth and expertise. CIM members have access to a wealth of knowledge, networking opportunities, and the chance to gain chartered status, which is a mark of professional excellence in the field. The institute plays a crucial role in setting industry standards and advocating for best practices in marketing globally.


Company membership is not available but we have individually registered team members.




Citation Professional Solutions – Health & Safety


Citations Professional Solutions for Health and Safety is a comprehensive service offering tailored guidance and support for businesses to comply with health and safety regulations. It provides expert advice, training, and resources to help organizations manage risks, ensure employee well-being, and maintain legal compliance. The service is essential for businesses looking to navigate the complexities of health and safety standards while fostering a safe working environment.





Citation Professional Solutions – HR & Employment Law


Citations Professional Solutions for HR & Employment Law is a specialized service designed to assist businesses in managing their HR functions effectively. It offers expert advice, tools, and resources to handle various HR tasks, including compliance with employment laws, personnel management, and employee development. This service is crucial for organisations aiming to streamline HR processes, ensure legal compliance, and foster a productive and positive work environment.





National federation of Self Employment and Small Businesses Limited (FSB)


The National Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is an organisation dedicated to supporting and advocating for the self-employed and small businesses. It provides members with resources, networking opportunities, and guidance on issues like financing, marketing, and regulatory compliance. The FSB plays a key role in representing the interests of the self-employed and small businesses at various governmental levels, helping to shape policies that foster a favourable business environment and promote entrepreneurship.


Registration number:

Jody Morrow 51350999

Rob Morrow 51350990