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About Our IT Supplies Company

Our IT Supplies Company, established in 2013, stand as a beacon of professionalism and expertise. We have dedicated ourselves to empowering small businesses with high quality IT Supplies. So, when it comes to your IT supply needs, trust our IT Supplies Company – your strategic partner in navigating the world of technology.

In our pursuit of excellence, we at our IT Supplies Company align ourselves with leading professional organisations. This strategic move allows us to stay updated with the latest techniques and strategies in the IT industry.

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We Are Cyber Essential Plus Certified

Cyber Essentials Plus certification offers an added layer of trust and reassurance for customers of a IT Supplies company. In today’s digital landscape, where data breaches and cyber threats are increasingly prevalent, having this certification demonstrates our company’s commitment to safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining robust cybersecurity measures. Clients can confidently entrust their valuable data with our IT Supplies company, knowing that it adheres to industry best practices and stringent security standards. Ultimately, Cyber Essentials Plus certification fosters stronger client-agency relationships and promotes a safer, more secure digital environment for all parties involved.

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We Are ISO 27001 Certified

As a IT Supplies company with ISO 27001 certification, we are committed to maintaining the highest information security standards. This internationally recognized certification ensures our clients can trust us with their sensitive data, as we have implemented a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS) to protect it. Our dedication to ongoing risk assessment and management shows our clients that we prioritize their privacy and security concerns. By partnering with an ISO 27001-certified company like ours, you can be confident that your valuable information is in safe hands, fostering a strong and secure working relationship.

We Are ISO 9001 Certified

As a proud ISO 9001 certified IT company, we’re all about quality. This globally recognised certification means that our services have been rigorously tested and proven to meet the highest standards of quality management. It’s not just a badge – it’s a testament to our dedication to you, our valued customer. So, let’s step into a brighter future together – a future of unparalleled IT support that puts your needs first.

What We Believe In...

We believe in providing excellent customer service at every opportunity, going above and beyond to help our customers with creative solutions for their IT Supplies issues. We take ownership of all problems, keeping our customers informed every step of the way, and communicating regularly to ensure that issues are resolved to the highest standard. In the rare instance that a problem cannot be fixed, we stand by our commitment not to charge anything. Our goal is to always suggest solutions that not only resolve immediate concerns but also improve our customers’ businesses in the long run.

Our Vision

To Simplify and Improve the Lives of Our Customers and Staff

Our Mission

We Make IT Supplies Our Problem, So Business Owners Can Get On With What They Do Best

Meet The We Do Your IT Supplies Team

About Our IT Supplies Company

The author of the content is Adam Gillett - We Do Your IT Supplies

The author of the content is Adam Gillett, a tech enthusiast with a heart. He’s not just about hitting business goals – he’s on a mission to make a real difference. From his base in Bristol, Adam combines his natural tech savvy with an unwavering dedication to customers, leading him to create a suite of technology-focused businesses. These ventures cover everything from IT support to web hosting and telecom solutions. But at the core of everything he does is a powerful ethos: a genuine desire to help. This isn’t just a business strategy for Adam – it’s a reflection of who he is, as seen in his role as a devoted dad to Alfie. As someone who values family life, Adam knows the importance of work-life balance and strives to bring the benefits of efficient work systems to other business owners.

Adam has been a beacon of support for small and medium-sized enterprises for over 14 years, guiding them through their tech journeys. He understands the unique challenges these businesses face and brings an innovative problem-solving approach to the table. Adam and his team, always putting customer needs first and thinking creatively, have developed smart solutions that drive businesses forward. His passion for fostering talent shines through in the specialized training processes he’s set up, designed to cultivate the growth of young, enthusiastic individuals who share his commitment to prioritizing customer needs. Educationally, Adam’s foundation in tech is rock-solid. With a distinction grade in ICT Practitioner from the City of Bristol College and studies in Website Design, he’s well-equipped in his field. His academic journey at Bath College, covering Business Studies, Design & Technology, Law, and Computer Studies, gives him a well-rounded perspective that he brings to his professional pursuits.

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