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At We Do Your IT Supplies, our mission is crystal clear - we're committed to providing you with top-tier IT supplies that not only address your immediate needs but also anticipate your future requirements.

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We're not just about meeting your immediate needs. We're dedicated to anticipating your future IT supply needs as well. By staying ahead of industry trends and innovations, we ensure that you're prepared for what's next.

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A refurbished computer is a pre-owned device that has been restored to its original working condition. This process involves thorough testing, repair of any issues, and cleaning. Some refurbished computers may also have upgraded components. They are typically sold at a lower price than new computers, providing an affordable option for businesses.

Yes, refurbished computers can be just as reliable as new ones. They undergo rigorous testing and quality control checks to ensure they meet the same performance standards as new computers. Also, reputable sellers often provide warranties, so you can have peace of mind with your purchase.

Refurbished computers offer several benefits for businesses:

  • Cost-effectiveness: They are usually priced significantly lower than new computers.
  • Environmental friendliness: Buying refurbished reduces electronic waste.
  • Quality assurance: If purchased from a reputable seller, these computers are thoroughly tested and certified.

When purchasing a refurbished computer, consider the following:

  • Warranty: Check if the seller offers a warranty.
  • Seller’s reputation: Ensure the seller is reputable and has positive customer reviews.
  • Specifications: Make sure the computer meets your business needs.

Computer hardware and software sourcing refers to the process of finding, evaluating, and acquiring computer systems, peripherals, and software applications that meet your business requirements.

Proper hardware and software sourcing can help your business:

  • Save money by finding the best deals.
  • Improve productivity with tailored solutions.
  • Stay updated with the latest technology trends.

Consider the following factors:

  • Business needs: Understand your current and future business requirements.
  • Budget: Determine how much you can afford to spend.
  • Vendor’s reputation: Choose a reliable and reputable supplier.

When sourcing software, consider:

  • Functionality: Ensure the software meets your business needs.
  • Compatibility: Check if the software is compatible with your existing hardware.
  • Support and updates: Make sure the vendor provides adequate support and regular updates.

Buying from a reputable seller who offers a warranty and has positive customer reviews can help ensure quality. Additionally, check the computer’s specifications to ensure they meet your business needs.

Yes, many refurbished computers can handle advanced software applications. However, this largely depends on the computer’s specifications, so always check these before making a purchase.

We Do Your IT Supplies

The author of the content is Adam Gillett - We Do Your IT Supplies

The author of the content is Adam Gillett, a tech enthusiast with a heart. He’s not just about hitting business goals – he’s on a mission to make a real difference. From his base in Bristol, Adam combines his natural tech savvy with an unwavering dedication to customers, leading him to create a suite of technology-focused businesses. These ventures cover everything from IT support to web hosting and telecom solutions. But at the core of everything he does is a powerful ethos: a genuine desire to help. This isn’t just a business strategy for Adam – it’s a reflection of who he is, as seen in his role as a devoted dad to Alfie. As someone who values family life, Adam knows the importance of work-life balance and strives to bring the benefits of efficient work systems to other business owners.

Adam has been a beacon of support for small and medium-sized enterprises for over 14 years, guiding them through their tech journeys. He understands the unique challenges these businesses face and brings an innovative problem-solving approach to the table. Adam and his team, always putting customer needs first and thinking creatively, have developed smart solutions that drive businesses forward. His passion for fostering talent shines through in the specialized training processes he’s set up, designed to cultivate the growth of young, enthusiastic individuals who share his commitment to prioritizing customer needs. Educationally, Adam’s foundation in tech is rock-solid. With a distinction grade in ICT Practitioner from the City of Bristol College and studies in Website Design, he’s well-equipped in his field. His academic journey at Bath College, covering Business Studies, Design & Technology, Law, and Computer Studies, gives him a well-rounded perspective that he brings to his professional pursuits.

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