Hi, I'm Jody Morrow


I am an entrepreneur at heart, balancing the roles of a loving wife and dedicated mother of two. Reading is my passion, and I channel this love into running a book club and maintaining a reading blog.


In my administrative role, I find immense satisfaction. The process of creating plans and propelling the business forward with constant improvements stirs excitement in me. My job is not just a profession but a passion that I deeply cherish.


Customer satisfaction is my top priority. I aim to create an environment where customers can turn to us for help, knowing they’ll find caring, friendly faces ready to solve their problems. I strive to deliver exceptional results with the customer’s needs at the forefront of everything we do.


When I’m not lost in a good book or strategizing business plans, I love spending time with my family and friends. My household is a lively one, with five dogs and a cat adding joy and energy to our lives.


An interesting fact about me is my eyes – they change colour, shifting between blue, green, grey, and hazel. It’s one of the many unique things about me!

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