“Cumulus Data Achieves Key Milestone in Construction of Zero-Carbon Data Centre Powered by Nuclear Energy”

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Cumulus Data has announced the completion of a major milestone in the construction of Phase 1 of its 475-megawatt zero-carbon “Susquehanna” data centre. This data centre is directly connected to two 2.5-gigawatt nuclear power stations, making it one of the largest and most innovative projects in the industry. The Susquehanna data centre utilises advanced technologies such as renewable energy storage systems and onsite battery solutions to ensure consistent electricity supply even during peak demand periods. Additionally, the data centre has implemented cooling systems that use up to 30% less energy than traditional data centres, allowing for significant cost savings.

The Advantages of Connecting to Nuclear Power Stations

This advanced project from Cumulus Data offers several advantages compared to traditional data centres that are powered by gas or coal. First, because it’s connected to nuclear power stations, it’s able to generate energy without producing any carbon emissions. This makes it much more environmentally friendly than traditional data centres and is a major step forward in the transformation of the industry towards green energy sources.

In addition, because the power supply is reliable and consistent, Cumulus Data can offer customers uninterrupted and efficient services at all times. The fact that it’s connected to two separate nuclear power stations also means that there are built-in redundancies if one of them fails or experiences an outage.

Further to this, the construction of the Susquehanna data centre marks an important milestone in building sustainable infrastructure and making progress towards a net zero carbon future. Additionally, it provides additional job opportunities in Cumulus Data’s local communities, helping to support economic growth.

Cumulus Data’s Commitment to Sustainability

For Cumulus Data, this milestone marks their commitment to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact. The company has already implemented several measures to reduce its energy consumption, such as using efficient cooling systems and investing in renewable energy sources.

The completion of Phase 1 of this data centre is the latest step in Cumulus Data’s mission to become a leader in sustainability in the tech industry. With this new zero-carbon facility, they are setting an example for other companies looking to make a positive impact on the environment.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Data centres have long been a significant (and growing) source of greenhouse gas emissions, due to the large amount of energy they consume for cooling, power, and network operations. There is clearly a need, therefore, to find ways to decrease the amount of carbon that data centre operation produces. For many people, however, nuclear energy comes with concerns about safety and what to do with the highly toxic waste. That said, nuclear energy is a low-carbon source of electricity, benefitting from high energy density and low greenhouse gas emissions in the production of energy. This means that it could, as Cumulus Data believes, play a role in reducing data centre carbon emissions and help to combat climate change. In this sense, having a data centre powered by a direct link to a nuclear power station could be a real step forward in the decarbonisation of data centres.

There are, of course, other methods currently being tried, e.g. using immersion cooling technology, and using more generally more efficient cooling systems, server virtualisation, and dynamic power management, but these are more related to reducing the amount of carbon in operation and cooling rather than in the supply of energy to the data centre. Cumulus Data’s nuclear powered data centre also appears to be able to offer some significant cost savings to tenants and other benefits to the area in addition to the low-carbon energy on-tap, and the reliable power source which may make it a very economically attractive option.


Cumulus Data’s 475-megawatt “Susquehanna” data centre is a major milestone in their commitment to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact. This innovative project is directly connected to two 2.5-gigawatt nuclear power stations, allowing them to generate clean energy without producing any carbon emissions. It also offers customers reliable, uninterrupted services at all times. By completing this project, Cumulus Data is setting an example for other tech companies looking to make a positive impact on the environment.