Get Up To 4.8 kWh Of Free Hot Water Every Day With Heata’s Green Distributed Computer Network Heating System!

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Heata's product line

Heata is an innovative green distributed computer network heating system that enables homes to tap into the wasted energy from other users’ computers. This allows them to generate hot water for free, reducing their monthly bills and providing a renewable source of heat. The technology works by having users install a cloud server in their home which helps to share the load of processing power across multiple devices. By linking together these servers and connecting them with each other, Heata can use excess energy that would otherwise be wasted for useful purposes such as providing households with hot water.


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The process begins when a householder installs a Heata cloud server in their home. Once they have registered, they can start linking their computer to others in the network. The server then distributes the load of processing power across multiple computers and uses excess energy that would otherwise be wasted to generate hot water for free.


Heata’s cloud servers are installed in homes around the world and use local servers hosted by their partner companies for redundancy purposes. When the server is turned on, it takes in heat from computers connected to the network and uses a specialised algorithm to control the temperature of the water. The Hot Water produced by Heata’s servers is then distributed through existing plumbing into any home that has a compatible hot water system.


Once installed, homeowners are able to monitor their hot water usage from a dedicated dashboard connected to their smartphone or computer. This allows them to access real-time information about how much energy they are using and make adjustments accordingly. It also provides other useful data such as daily usage statistics, monthly reports, and alerts for when the server needs maintenance or repair.

The main benefit of Heata is that it provides households with up to 4.8kWh of free hot water per day, reducing their monthly energy bills significantly. In addition, Heata also helps to reduce carbon emissions as it utilises wasted energy rather than relying on fossil fuels or electricity from the grid. Furthermore, since installation is simple and requires no additional wiring or plumbing, households can easily set up Heata themselves without any professional help or assistance.


Heata is the perfect solution for homeowners looking for an efficient, affordable, and eco-friendly way to heat their homes without having to rely on expensive traditional solutions such as gas or electricity. By using the natural heat produced from computers in their cloud server, Heata is able to offer up to 4.8 kWh of free hot water per day. This amount of energy could provide enough hot water for an entire household, allowing families to save money while still enjoying the luxury of hot showers and baths.


Not only does the installation of a Heata cloud server in your home reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint, it also provides other benefits such as improved internet speeds due to network optimisation, increased security on all devices connected to the server, and access to more reliable online services.