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FTX: What Was it About?

Following news of the collapse of FTX, we look at what it was, plus the events leading up to its demise and the effects as we advance. 

Legal Challenges for AI content

Following a copyright lawsuit against an AI code generator and industry questions about who owns images made by AI text-to-image generators, we look at the legal issues (and others) surrounding generative AI.

Personalised and Printed Pills

A Helsinki startup has developed a ‘Medicine-as-a-Service’ system where drugs can be 3D printed to match the patient’s needs in terms of their size, physiology, species, and allergies.

New GPS that is Accurate to 10 cm

In this insight, we take a closer look at the new alternative positioning system to GPS that is accurate within an incredible 10 centimetres.

Latest News

See our latest article, post and blogs