Revolutionary Window Film Reduces Energy Consumption and Enhances Comfort in Cities

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Scientists Develop Revolutionary Clear Window Film to Cool Buildings


Scientists from Kyung Hee University in Seoul have developed a revolutionary new clear window film that can reduce the energy consumption from air conditioning in hot cities. The film, which is applied directly on windows, works by blocking solar radiation and reflecting heat away from buildings, resulting in a cooler interior temperature. In addition to reducing energy costs, this window film also acts as an effective thermal barrier against extreme temperatures outside.

The research team at the university created their patented product using optical technology integrated with nano-materials to ensure optimal cooling performance. This special material reflects up to 80% of infrared rays while allowing visible light through, ensuring natural lighting is not impaired.

Benefits of Window Film for Cooling Buildings


The window film developed by the research team at Kyung Hee University offers a variety of benefits both to businesses and residential customers. The reflective coating on the film helps reduce cooling costs by up to 30% while also creating an insulating effect against extreme temperatures outside. This is especially beneficial in hot cities where air conditioning bills can be exorbitant during the summer months. Additionally, since the window film is clear, it does not impede natural lighting from entering buildings, thus providing a pleasant working or living environment without sacrificing energy efficiency.

In addition to its energy efficiency benefits, the window film also offers other advantages such as increased safety and privacy. With the film applied, businesses and homeowners can enjoy greater protection from UV rays while also guarding against possible window breakage or intrusions.

Cool Window Film Reduces Energy Consumption


The new window film has the potential to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. This is achieved in part due to its reflective properties, which prevent solar radiation from entering buildings and keep both hot and cold air outside. The cooling effect of this window film enables building owners to turn down their air conditioning systems when temperatures are uncomfortably high. By reducing energy use, this innovative technology can help save money on electricity bills while also helping cities become more sustainable.

The materials used for the window film are also environmentally friendly, as they are free from chemicals that may be hazardous or damaging to the environment. In addition, it is estimated that the clear window film can last up to 15 years


Clear Window Film is Widely Applicable


The clear window film created by Kyung Hee University has a wide range of applications, including residential homes, office buildings, shopping centres, hotels and other public spaces. It is suitable for both modern and traditional architecture styles with windows made from glass or plastic. The window film also does not interfere with any existing window treatments like blinds or curtains that may be currently used in the building interior.

This revolutionary technology has already been installed in several places around Seoul and is gaining recognition internationally as well. With its energy-saving capabilities and ease of installation, this new window film could be a game-changer for cities looking to reduce the heat inside while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

Further Research and Development Underway


The research team at Kyung Hee University is continuing to work on the development of their window film, with plans to optimise it further for greater energy savings and increased durability. In addition, they are exploring potential applications in greenhouses, car windows and other areas that could benefit from this innovative cooling technology.

Ultimately, the scientists hope their window film will be a key part of helping cities become more sustainable while also providing citizens with a comfortable living environment. Their revolutionary product has already made an impact in Seoul, and its potential is sure to extend far beyond that city’s borders.