Comprehensive Data Protection Strategies for Microsoft 365 Users

Boost your business continuity and data protection strategy with robust Microsoft 365 backup solutions. From advanced recovery options to employee training, ensure your critical data is always secure and accessible.

Embracing the Future: Navigating the Latest Copilot Product Enhancements for Microsoft 365

Unleash the next level of efficiency and innovation in your workplace! Dive into the latest GitHub Copilot for Microsoft365 updates – your bespoke assistant for enhanced productivity and iron-clad security. It's time to tailor AI to your business goals.

The Microsoft-OpenAI Partnership: Antitrust Challenges and the Future of AI Development

The recent shakeup at OpenAI, with its boss Sam Altman being ousted and then reinstated, has led to numerous speculations about the internal dynamics of the organisation.

Examining Microsoft’s Move to Unbundle Teams from Office 365: Implications for the EU Market and Beyond

Following pressure from a formal investigation by the European Commission into possible breaches of competition rules, Microsoft has decided to unbundle Teams from Office 365 and Microsoft 365 in markets across Europe.

Making Sense of Microsoft’s AI Monetization: Examining the 30-Cent Price Tag for Chat Queries and Its Impact on Businesses Worldwide.

Microsoft recently announced the pricing for its Artificial Intelligence (AI) productivity suite 365 Copilot, showing its intent to monetise its AI and ending any expectations of free AI provision.