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How our Telephone System Enhances your Business

We work across several business sectors and through those encounters, and as business owners ourselves, we are aware of the type of issues you encounter every day in carrying out your business activities. The We Do Your Communications business telephone systems adds a simple and flexible business tool that will give you the opportunity to review many aspects of your business and make informed decisions that are right for your business. Some of these include;

i. Office space

Having office space in a very desirable area can increase your business ideas, prospects and revenues but sometimes this isn’t enough to cover the expense. By keeping that office small and taking cheaper alternative space, you can enhance your offering to both staff and customers alike. Keep the presence of all being in one unified area by using our Telephone System to present as one location, even if your staff work from home.

ii. Travel and Flexible Working

A 30-minute journey to and from the office per day is the equivalent of six and a half weeks of what could be a productive working time lost per person per year. If one person spent just one day at home per week, they would regain almost one and a half weeks of time over the year. Consider Public transport issues, such as buses or trains running late; there are even more wasted time and more stressed staff. Use our Systems to allow your staff to work from home one day a week and not only will you save wasted time your team will feel more valued and content without the stress of the daily commute. Which can also help with the Flexible Working Legislation which we’re sure to be seeing more of shortly!

iii. Recruitment

Unemployment levels are coming close to the lowest rate ever while being fantastic for the economy it can make recruiting new staff in your area very difficult. Widen the net when you next look to hire staff – where their geographic location is no longer an issue if they work from home for a part or all week.

iv. Illness

Illnesses of all types can rapidly spread when encountering others, yet in many cases, your staff are ready and wanting to be back at work while still technically contagious. To stop the spread through your business use our data and voice connectivity to enable them to work from home while the rest of the office stays beautiful and healthy!

v. Weather

Severe weather conditions such as flooding caused by prolonged, persistent rain, or heavy snowfall, can cause significant transport issues. Having the benefit of being able to work remotely means you don’t have to encounter those conditions but can still serve your customers from wherever you are.

vi. Utility issues

If you lost power to your building, or possibly the gas supply in the winter months, evacuation of the building will be inevitable after a short period. Remote working with data and voice connectivity and cloud-based data and voice services will ensure continued delivery of service to your customers/patients.

vii. Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster situation, provide all staff with home working facilities (Away From My Desk Remote Access and hosted telephony system apps for mobile phones).

Our telephone system does all of the above does yours?

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