Unlock Free Heating with Deep Green’s Digital Boilers

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Digital Boiler concept

Deep Green, a UK-based data centre startup, is pioneering the use of submerged mineral oil servers to create “digital boilers” that generate free heating for swimming pools, distilleries and large apartment blocks. By harnessing the excess heat produced by server operations in an entirely sustainable and cost-effective way, Deep Green is helping businesses save money on their energy bills and reduce their environmental footprints.

How Does It Work?

Rather than dissipating the waste heat generated by servers into the atmosphere, Deep Green has developed a system that captures it and uses it as a source of clean energy. Servers are housed inside tanks filled with mineral oil that acts as an efficient conductor of heat. The heated mineral oil is then pumped through insulated pipes to wherever heat is needed – typically swimming pools, distilleries and large apartment blocks.

The Benefits of Digital Boilers

This innovative system offers a range of benefits for businesses. By using their servers to generate free heating, Deep Green’s clients can save considerable amounts of money on energy bills, as well as reducing their environmental footprints. Additionally, the mineral oil offers superior cooling performance compared to air cooling systems, resulting in improved server efficiency and reliability.

A Greener Future?

Deep Green’s digital boilers are just one example of how technology can be used to create greener energy solutions. As more companies look for ways to reduce their carbon emissions and become more sustainable, the demand for innovative technologies like Deep Green’s is likely to grow.

Deep Green’s digital boilers offer a novel and efficient way of utilizing excess server heat to generate free heating for businesses. By capturing this waste energy in an entirely sustainable manner, Deep Green is helping companies save money on their energy bills, as well as reducing their environmental footprints. This innovative system could be the start of a greener future for businesses looking to become more sustainable.