World Backup Day Is An Important Reminder

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When it comes to protecting the data on our devices, the importance of backup cannot be overstated. That’s why World Backup Day, celebrated each year on March 31st, is such an important reminder for us all. The day was founded by Ismail Jadun in 2011 and he has said that its purpose is “to make everyone think about their situation, learn about the various options and get their files backed up”. And with digital lives becoming increasingly complex and reliant on technology, taking steps to protect our data should be a priority for us all.


Why We Need World Backup Day


The reason we need World Backup Day can be attributed to our increasingly digital lives and the fact that we have become so dependent on technology. In today’s world, almost everything is stored on computers, phones, tablets and other devices – from photos to music files to important documents and more. And with our data being worth so much to us both emotionally and financially, it’s important that we protect it in case of an emergency or if a device gets lost, stolen or damaged.

If businesses don’t backup their data, they can be at risk of losing critical information that could have severe consequences, including:

– Data loss. If a business experiences a data loss event (such as a system crash, hardware failure, cyber-attack, or natural disaster) and they don’t have a backup in place, they can lose all their critical data.

– Downtime. If a business’s data is lost, it can take considerable time to restore systems and data. This can cause extended periods of downtime, which can negatively impact the business’s continuity, productivity, customer service, and revenue.

– No disaster recovery option. Many businesses now have disaster recovery plans in place with data backups as a central feature of them. Having no recent data backup available could seriously affect a business’s chances of recovering at all from a serious cyber-attack or fire, for example.

– Reputational damage. Losing critical data can also damage a business’s reputation. For example, if a business’s customer data is compromised due to a data breach and they don’t have a backup, they can lose the trust of their customers, leading to a loss of existing and future business.

– Legal and regulatory compliance issues. Many businesses are required by law to keep certain types of data for a specified period. Failure to do so can result in legal and regulatory compliance issues.

Backup Strategies for Every Situation

For many, the idea of backing up their data can seem overwhelming and complicated but there are a few strategies that anyone can use:

• Cloud storage: Many cloud storage services allow you to store your data online and access it from any device connected to the internet.

• External Hard Drives: external hard drives are also a great option for backing up large amounts of data, as they allow you to easily store and transport your files.

• Online Backup Solutions: There are many online backup solutions available which enable you to automate your backups and ensure that your data is always safe and secure.


World Backup Day is the perfect reminder for us all to take the time to back up our data, no matter how big or small it may be. By taking steps to protect our important documents and memories, we can rest easy knowing that our information will be safe no matter what happens. So make sure you take some time out of your day on March 31st to get your files backed up and secure.