5 Great Lessons You Can Learn From Us about Buying A Phone System

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Are there any hidden costs?

It’s a sad truth that plagues the telecoms industry is fake discounts, small print terms and purposely over complicated prices to try and deceive potential customers. Don’t be fooled by these tactics and consider whether it is wise to do business with any supplier that employs these tricks.

Will the Telephone System be reviewed regularly to ensure it delivers the most efficient service to your business?

Another sad truth in the telecoms industry is that most suppliers will install a system and then walk away. Once an order is in, you are under contract and often cannot leave, so many do not invest time in keeping you happy until it starts to get close to the renewal time. Is this beneficial for your business? Imagine if a supplier actively sought to help you throughout the whole of the contract!

Is the system you are opting for have the features to make it future proof?

Most decent providers will only lock you in for three years, but many providers will try and sell you a much longer contract. Even three years is a long time to live with a system that doesn’t do everything you need it to do. The best of the modern methods are VoIP telephones that have no system onsite to go wrong and allow you to work from anywhere! There will be a day where the benefits of VoIP make a vital difference.

Does the cost of your telephone system include maintenance and a Service Level Agreement?

Maintenance with an agreed SLA is essential to ensure your system is always available. Understanding the differences between suppliers in the ongoing support is very important, by the time you come to need the help, it will be too late to change suppliers, so it is essential that you understand what to expect before proceeding with any system.

Are you being sold too much?

It is easy for a supplier to try and sell you more than you need. The signs to look out for are fixed packages with no option to customise or a supplier that includes all options by default.