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Try our unlimited IT support for £1 per month for 3 months

New customers only. Offer ends 15th October 2022.

Try our unlimited IT support for £1 per month for 3 months

New customers only. Offer ends 15th October 2022.

Which IT support package is right for you?

Small office, with workers talking together, looking at graphs, in front of their laptops

Pay-as-you-go support

Large, tidy office with workers at desks on computers

Fixed price support

Large, open office with desks filled with Mac computers

Cyber Security

We make IT Support our problem so you can get on with what you do best!

Call 0117 9118 808 for immediate help

Great support, no contracts

We have to keep you happy because we won’t lock you into a contract!

It’s easy to say you’ll look after me, but how do you back that up, I hear you say? Well, you’ll be able to see it first hand in everything that we do, but we can prove it in one simple statement:

This one simple act demonstrates that we have to keep our customers happy; otherwise, they would simply leave. Very few IT Support providers in the southwest can make the same simple but significant statement!

Man, entrepreneur, freelancer sits at home on couch at coffee table, uses smartphone, working on laptop with graphs

What can we help you with?

Close up of mans hand on a laptop, with a pen in hand as-well

I need help right now!

We understand exactly how disruptive IT problems can be and that a timely response makes all the difference. We don’t ask our clients to sign up to complicated agreements or contracts to use our services.


Instead, our helpful and friendly dedicated helpdesk team are keen to just get on and fix peoples IT problems.  So if you have an issue you need immediate help with, simply call our team and see just how easy it is to access great IT support.

Wires plugged into back of a computer

My system is plagued by reoccurring problems

We provide IT Support to the SME market in Bristol and the South West. Our clients benefit from a service that not only looks after them at this moment in time but also helps plan and shape their systems with what’s coming next. We have heavily invested in knowledgeable staff, monitoring systems and automation to make sure our client’s systems remain stable and available. 


However, good IT Support means more than just making things work today. IT systems are forever changing, and I believe our clients benefit the most from our forward-thinking and our sensible use of the latest available technologies. This has meant that our clients have been able to adapt quickly to even the biggest of changes whilst squeezing more value from their investments into their IT systems day-to-day.

Toy man on digger, ripping up keys on a keyboard

My IT provider has let me down!

The fact that you are looking around already shows that you are unhappy and that you probably know deep down that something must change. All service providers make mistakes though, ourselves included, so by all means please give your current provider the chance to right their wrongs. 


However, if they don’t jump at this opportunity or if they continue to make the same mistakes then that tells you everything you need to know about how serious your current IT support provider takes their impact on your business. The upsetting fact is that unless you make a change, the situation will remain the same.

Close up on mans hand on a Mac keyboard with digital question marks surrounding it

I have to fix my office’s IT issues!

For us, we do what we do because we like to help people. Hearing the difference we make, getting that cheerful thanks at the end of a job or knowing that we have been a small part of our client’s success is what we thrive on.


If an IT system is not properly managed, then IT can be a significant burden for the business and owner alike. Our IT support service allows us to carry that burden, allowing owners and staff to get on with what they do best whilst we professionally manage your IT systems with thought and care about both current problems and future strategy.

Don’t get caught out….not all IT support is the same!

Our comprehensive approach to providing IT Support quickly demonstrates why our clients continue to use our service year after year. Here are just a couple of ways in which we are able to provide our clients with the best IT support service in the south west:

IncludedUsMost Others
Day-to-day reactive support
Unlimited Remote SupportSometimes
Unlimited Onsite SupportX
Proactive monitoring to spot problems before they become disruptive/costlyX
Weekly check-ins with all staff to make sure they are not ‘putting up’ with issuesX
Proactive changes are applied behind the scenes to keep your systems running at their best without disrupting youX
IT strategy and planning to make sure your systems keep pace with your business plansX
Costs are kept low by investing in efficiency gainsX
Utilising the latest technologies to better protect your business or eek extra value out of your IT budgetX

We make IT Support our problem so you can get on with what you do best!

Call 0117 9118 808 for immediate help


Another 5 star review!


It's been a few months now since we moved to We Do Your IT and have nothing but good things to say. I had concerns that the change from one provider to another would cause problems but We Do Your IT made the whole process seamless and easy.

In addition, we are now getting a better service whilst paying less! I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at We Do Your IT and will be happy to speak to any potential new prospects and say so.

John Calder
The Pure Feed Company

Professional IT Support As And When You Need It.


Whatever the computer IT Support problem, we have got your business covered. Just call us when you need help, and we will be there with a professional and fair IT Support service that puts you and your business first. Don’t need our help for a while? Not an issue – there is no pressure, membership, contract nor monthly fee’s required. Simple, hassle-free support from our Bristol IT Support Helpdesk by a team of professional IT Support technicians that genuinely want to help you when you need it.

All This From £20 +VAT Per 15 Minutes!

Office with supplies on shelves, with PC's on desks
Office with workers working together, with their Mac computers on desks

Unlimited IT Support At A Fixed Price

Fixed Price IT Support

Predictable and steady costs for unlimited IT support not only offers peace of mind but freedom too. Freedom from the worries of expenses and trying to solve your businesses IT problems yourself. Leaving you able to concentrate on the more essential tasks in your business.


We check in with every member of your team every week, actively seeking out the problems. We do this without locking you into a contract too! How many other IT  support services companies put your business first like this when on a fixed price agreement?


We Offer Unlimited IT support from our Bristol Helpdesk from our team of friendly IT professionals that have a genuine passion for helping you so you can get on with what you do best.

IT Support For Small Businesses

From £35.00 +VAT Per PC, Per Month

IT Projects Delivered On Time And At A Fixed Price


Significant Changes to your Computer Systems can be costly. That’s why we provide special rates for one-off projects that are capped whether it is replacing a Windows Server, moving to a new office or migrating to office 365 in the cloud. We pride ourselves in providing honest and professional IT Project management from our Bristol IT Helpdesk that helps make these types of significant changes that little bit less stressful. We are different to average IT Service providers because our business is all about the service we offer you the customer, so we are able the following guarantee, we will never exceed our capped price quotes, and if it takes us less time, we will charge you less accordingly. No dodgy discounts, no hidden extras or no overpriced fixed price work to worry about here!

All This From £650.00 +VAT Per Day

Open spaced modern office with computers and office supplies