Does Your Monthly Support Package Include These 3 Things?

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We Bet It Doesn’t!

Most IT support companies will offer a fixed price support package for managing your IT systems each month. It can be tricky to compare who offers the best technical support and service when choosing between two new IT support providers, especially as you are unlikely to have used either provider before.

Let’s forget the difficult comparisons, and instead, consider these three key features of our monthly support packages versus what other companies offer. We have yet to see another IT support company that can match them!

No Contract Term

We believe that our good work should be the reason why customers stay with us.  Knowing someone is only using our services because they are contractually obliged would be upsetting for us. We speak with lots of businesses that are in this exact situation, locked into a support contract with another provider that they despise using but are forced to continue to use because of that support contract they signed and the high costs of breaking the contract. We have always been wary of such contracts because we have seen such awful clauses in them and there is no flexibility when things change and, in most growing companies, things will change significantly over their 3 to 5-year contract term!

For us, this is our proof of the confidence and quality of our support services. When what you do is that good, there is no need for strict contract terms. We are proud that our customers retain the freedom and power to walk away at any point, our customers stay because they want to stay not because they have to. This also means that we can be flexible if you. Experience rapid growth we can handle that and change easily if you suffer a decline or want to make the most of the latest technological advances we can also do that quickly and efficiently without the need to worry about what’s in a five year fixed contract! If you are thinking of switching providers, then we advise you to consider whether your next IT support provider can say the same!

Weekly Check-In With Every Member of Your Staff

If you haven’t experienced a fixed price support package before, you may be surprised to learn that most IT support companies will try to hide from additional work. As much as it may not be the ethically correct choice, most of us are just human, and you can understand the reasoning behind this, particularly when there is no financial incentive to do any additional work. Given a choice between being able to do the bare minimum and getting paid the same as doing everything you can to help the customer, the answer is often easy, why would you do more work than necessary?

This is not how we work! We see the fixed price support plan as an opportunity to do even more work for our customers as it won’t cause any additional cost. Longer-term this benefits us because we can ensure everything is working exactly as the customer expects and that they are happy with their IT support. This is why we check in with every staff member of our customers every week with a personalised email. The email contains a small bespoke survey that makes it super simple to report problems, even those little niggles or things you just want a little help with, like “I’m sure there is a quicker way to… please, can you tell me how?” We actively seek additional work. I’ve never seen another IT support company do this.

Holiday Health Checks

We recognise that your time is valuable. Keeping your PC running in tip-top shape is important, so we have developed smart systems that enable us to identify problems and fix them before they become major issues, and often before you even notice them. However, this doesn’t replace the benefits of a simple health check to make sure your PC runs as well as it can. As part of our fixed price support arrangements, we include unlimited PC health checks.

To take this even further, we look to actively book these health checks for when you are on holiday. This means there is no disruption to you, only the benefit of having your PC in great working order when you return from your holiday. Again, we don’t know of any other IT support company that goes out of its way to do additional work like this solely for the benefit of the customer.  Especially one with the forward-thinking to arrange it for when you are on holiday!