IT Support getting you down?  Here are the 3 top reasons local businesses are frustrated with their current IT provider.

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Sometimes in business, you start to think about switching out various services to help increase profit and grow your business. IT Support and technology solutions are some of the areas that we find many local businesses look at to help optimize systems and processes. Which, in turn, can help reduce costs and make for smooth running systems.

In this article, we will reveal the 3 top reasons most local business owners switch to us for their IT support.

1. Slow to respond

Have you ever faced an issue with your desktop computer or mobile phone and need it fixed immediately – ringing the IT support helpdesk gets you nowhere, and you must “log a ticket” using email?

You wait hours for a response and must chase up to find out if anyone has even bothered to investigate your issue.

Does this sound familiar?

Slow response from your current IT supplier is the number one reason we see many new clients switch to us, and it’s easy to guess why.  You expect fast, efficient service with a reasonable turnaround time to resolve issues – established IT providers get the basics right, which is top of the list.

2. Major Disaster

Security breaches, prolonged downtime or significant data loss are all classed as substantial disasters in the world of IT. We tend to get enquiries a few months after the fact – with local businesses unhappy with both the tragedy and the bill for the recovery from their current provider.

There’s nothing managed about these types of situations, and with ransomware threats ever-present, we increasingly take on new business due to these types of incidents.

3. Not the right fit

Sometimes your business just outgrows the current IT supplier. An excellent example of this was when we had a past client that was happy with their provider. However, there was nothing special the provider could offer to help with optimizing business processes for the digital age.