Marketing Tips For During Coronavirus

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People wearing medical face masks during meeting in office.

We understand that coronavirus is going to be a challenging time for all businesses and want to help in any way we can by giving free advice and help wherever possible. Unlike other marketing agencies, we are in a privileged position to help businesses in aspects of both online and offline marketing. As part of this, we look at marketing in three distinct areas.

Presence – allowing your clients to see your business.

Nurture – nurturing your existing clients is a commonly missed area within marketing, with most people just focusing on nurturing new leads.

New Leads – this is by far the hardest area in marketing, and does what it says on the tin!

During the coronavirus pandemic, we advise focusing on Presence and Nurture!

What Do Your Customers Need To Know?

What precautions are you taking etc…

You want to be keeping in touch with your current customers daily, letting them know how this is effecting your delivery. This might be what precautions you are taking or what timescales have changed.


Are you still open and looking for business?

Make it obvious that you are still open. If businesses are closing or stopping their marketing, then there is potentially an opportunity for you to be able to provide support to their clients who no longer have a supplier.

Are There Any Areas That You Can Exploit?

What sectors are booming? What are the age groups affected?

Is there a challenge that your business can help people overcome? Or are there specific promotions that you can do to keep customers engaged?

Reasons To Buy Now

Give people a vision…

For some services, there may be a good reason for your customer to buy right now. For example, if you are delivering your services to an office, then the advantages of buying now might be minimal disruption!

Customer Acquisitions

What worked yesterday, might not work today…

Now people are working from home, how have their daily lives changed? Is direct mail to homes going to be more effective? Are your customers spending more time on social media? Think about these things and talk to customers where they are hanging out.

What Products Or Services Can You Develop?

What developments can your business make?

Thinking outside the box may be the answer to surviving this pandemic. If there is something that you can transition into that is needed the make a plan and put it into action!


Your current customers are more important than ever!

Nurturing your current customer may be the best way to get your business through these challenging times!