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Print Media

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Creating engaging print media like PDF’s, brochures and more to assist in your sales and marketing strategies.

Our Print Media

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We make your Printed Media our problem so you can get on with what you do best. Call 0117 360 1500 today to enquire!

An Introduction To Print Media

Traditionally marketing was almost all print – either within large billboards or general post campaigns direct to the consumer. However, with the advent of the internet we are moving towards an increasingly digital age and print media seems to be left behind.


In spite of this, we still believe that print media can make a massive difference to your marketing campaigns and sales strategies. To start with, the older generation still are susceptible to print marketing campaigns while local campaigns can look more personal if you are dropping a leaflet through their door rather than being delivered by courier. Print media in digital forms like PDF’s also provide a great way for people to find or deliver large quantities of information easily. This is why we believe that you will still want print media, you just may want to use it in a different way.

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How we do print media in 4 simple steps

We take 4 simple steps to collect your content and produce your print media for printing or pdf viewing.

Step 1 – Collect content

First, we will collect the content off you and make sure the information that you are trying to get across is being portrayed by your content.


Step 2 – Design

Secondly, we will design an initial draft in a style you like.

Step 3 – Sign off

Finally, we will begin the sign off process making revisions till you are happy including total redesigns if you dislike the styling choices made by our team.

Step 4 – If Print/PDF

Finally, we either produce your final PDF or help you print your items through our range of assorted printers or your external printer.


Where does print media fit into your marketing philosophies

Print media is used for Presence, Nurture and New Leads depending on what item is produced. For example, a business card or brochure maybe presence while a gift card could nurture your customers. Finally, if you are using a postcard locally for an introduction you could be using print media as a new lead’s strategy. This is why print media remains a vital part of all marketing campaigns even if only in a supporting role.

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Why should you use us for your print media?

We look at print media from a different angle, adding in technology like QR codes to ensure the best user experience. We also think about how this piece of information will interact with the rest of your marketing strategy and how we can utilise traffic from these sources through wider integration of print and other marketing strategies.

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