We Want To Create A World Where Everyone Can Access Their Remote Information From Anywhere, At any time, So They Have Total Freedom Of Choice With Their Work-Life Balance

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They say you will never look back on your life and wish you had spent more time working, that you will look back and wish you had spent more time with family and friends, those you love. We aim to help you achieve that by changing the way you work.

Away From My Desk helps people access their computer from anywhere at any time by providing specialist, fully managed remote access. Their bespoke solutions have been developed to conform to the strict rules for accessing information securely, compliant for use within the NHS, other government organisations and businesses alike. Whether you are a non-technical user or an IT professional, you will find that the customer service and technical support is tailored to you so that you understand every step of the process.

Helping and supporting our customers is of the utmost importance to us, we want to help those who help others to provide the best care possible. We don’t believe that working the most extended hours possible offers this, although, sometimes it’s a necessary evil! We think that by being able to work when and where the customer wants to, they have the means available to them to work smarter and not harder! We believe that with the right tools primary health care can be transformed to a place where people are happy, less stressed and can provide the best possible healthcare without compromising their health!

We enable this change by providing secure remote access primarily to NHS primary care; we want to make our customers lives more comfortable and aim to provide the easiest to use the system while maintaining the highest levels of security. We strive for continuous improvement in our operations and provide education, formal training and a great work environment for our team to ensure that they can develop to their highest potential and give our customers the best service possible.


Secure Remote Access
Access your Computer and use the Software Installed on it from anywhere.

Hassle free remote desktop access to everything on your work computer to work from anywhere as if you sat in front of the machine!

All this from £14.99* per Month

* paid annually in advance, all prices exclude VAT

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Remote Support
Help your customers directly from your desk with our Remote Support tool!

Support your customers from anywhere with our Remote Support Customer Support Software!

No need to travel to and from clients when you can access their machines securely directly from your desk using our help desk software so that you can help them even quicker!

All this from £79.99* per Month

* customer service software paid annually in advance; all prices exclude VAT

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“I can catch up with admin at home, in comfort, at my own pace, without staying late at night at the practice, I have had some recent time off after an operation, and was able to help with admin tasks from home to ease the load on the others. Could see a real benefit for example for mums of young children, who may have time constraints – can leave admin and finish at home, without worrying about missing nursery times etc.  It makes keeping up to date when away from work easy – you can track your e-mails etc. All in all a valuable addition to my working environment.”

Dr Kate Boyd - GP Partner, South Gloucestershire CCG

“I can deal with patient queries and use the practice computer from home and elsewhere. This saves me time and effort and means I do not have to stay in the practice to be in touch. The system was easy to set up and is easy and secure to access. I have found that working remotely from my surgery in invaluable.”

Laurence Buckman - Chairman BMA GPC, Barnet CCG

“The whole process of purchasing and installing a Remote Access service to improve our patient care was efficient and made so easy by the clarity and professionalism of Away From My Desk.”

Sue Christian - Practice Manager, North Somerset CCG