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Social Media Marketing

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Organic and Paid advertising social media campaigns to help add value to new and existing customers.

Our Social Media Marketing Service

We make your Social Media Marketing our problem so you can get on with what you do best. Call 0117 360 1500 today to enquire!

An Introduction To Social Media Marketing

In the last 15 years, marketing has changed massively from purely offline channels to new digital channels like social media…


While many of you will know and use traditional platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, only a few will know how fast this game can change with platforms like MySpace falling out of public favour. Recently, we have seen platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok sweep through the nation with new platforms like BeReal. coming out as you read this.

Social Media Marketing. Person on mobile phone with like and love social media reactions
Image of city skyline with cartoon logos of social media reactions, such as heart, thumbs up, laugh emoji and camera emoji

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is great for connecting with your customers, helping them to build relationships with your brand. Social media also provides a platform for you to launch new products or services, driving new leads, traffic and sales to your website.


Within social media, you have two options that are loosely similar to that of search engine marketing (SEM). The first is organic social media which is based on making content that is either likely to go viral to bring in new followers or content that is going to resonate with your current, or target audience. The second is paid social media where the content that you make needs to make the viewer want to take action and achieve the goal of the post. 

How we do social media in 5 simple steps

We look at your business and build a standard layer of content that allows us to ensure you have content going out each week even when you are on holiday or unavailable. This is done through building a consistent schedule of posts that we can repeat on a regular basis. Within this regular schedule we ensure that we cover off the main products or services within your business along with anything that needs to be mentioned on a regular basis. Alongside this regular campaign we also begin to include special campaigns for things like product launches and additional posts that are more reactive.

Step 1 – What channels are we using for your business?

Before starting a social media marketing campaign it’s important to consider what channels your customers are likely to use. Below is a brief guide to help you decide where your content should most likely go…


B2C and B2B

Young middle-aged audience


B2B and B2C

Best used for communication and updates



Great finding people with specific job titles



Young and middle-aged audience



Younger audience



Younger audience

Step 2 – Content Plan

Now that you have defined where you content is going to go, you will need to work out what you want to say on a consistent basis. If you are struggling with this – we can help you!


By looking at social media from an engineering standpoint, we can create a social media campaign that can be replicated and fully planned on a 13-week cycle ensuring your content stays varied while pushing your businesses best bit in enough detail.


A 13-week cycle works well as it gives you enough time for you to tell people about your business, without being rushed into making text heavy imagery. This also means that when you repeat the content to the same audience, they won’t notice that you’re repeating content to save time.


We then also split social media into 4 layers mirroring our formula of presence, nurture and new leads while also providing an extra layer for reactive content like when new staff members join or similar.


Below is a content plan template that I have developed for a Bristol based ActionCOACH that you can download for free to help your business.

Actioncoach Demo Presence Campaign from WeDoYourMarketing

Step 3 – Sign off sheet

For our customers, it is important to have clarity of what we are going to post, and when we are going to post it. This is the reason why we have created and develop a social media signoff process where we send a full content plan with images, captions and hashtags along with dates of when the posts will be posted.

Marketing Sign-Off Sheet For Away From My Desk

Step 4 – Making the content live

Now you can sit back and wait for the content to go live! The hard work is over. For the next 13 weeks or more your social media is lined up, releasing the pressure of posting each day and allowing you to focus on delivering a great service to your customers and building the audience.

Step 5 – Audience Building and paid social media ads

Now that you have consistent content going each week, we can look at building an engaged audience. We can do this in two ways. The first is through organic campaigns like adding and messaging relevant connections on LinkedIn with predefined campaigns starting engaging conversations and connections. The second is to use social media ads to push customers into an action, from growing your presence to picking up new leads.

Where does social media fit into your marketing philosophies

Social media is a tool for all 3 major parts of our philosophies with there being an element of presence, nurture and new leads within almost every platform.


Social media allows you to help people build trust with your brand


Social Media allows your existing customers to like, know and trust you more. 

New Leads

Social media is full of great tools to help you get in front of your customers,

Image of young woman typing on her mobile phone

Why should you use us for your social media marketing

The way we look at social media marketing is different from other marketing agencies. Many other agencies focus on vanity metrics e.g. likes, comments and reach, but while these can be important indicators as to whether your content is hitting the right mark, there can be an over reliance on these as they don’t necessarily bring new customers into your business or engage with your current customers which generally is what most business owners are trying to do with the marketing strategy. This is why we build campaigns with a core focus on what you are looking to achieve from new leads to just being in front of your customers.

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