Top Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

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Unlike other marketing agencies, we are in a privileged position to help businesses in aspects of both online and offline marketing. As part of this, we look at marketing in three distinct areas. Presence – allowing your clients to see your agency. Nurture – nurturing your existing clients is a commonly missed area within marketing, with most people just focusing on nurturing new leads. New Leads – this is by far the hardest area in marketing, and does what it says on the tin!

Here are our 5 top tips, specifically for the type of system you are likely to be running…

Local Ads On Social Media

Fantastic for gaining new leads by boosting property viewings!


Local social media advertising can be of great benefit to your agency. On ads platforms such as Facebook, you can define a specific location, age and interests for each ad. Targeting can benefit you by driving more relevant viewings to each property!

Make Your Branding Consistent

Strengthen your presence for the future…


Would you recognise someone if they were always changing their appearance? Probably not! So why expect your clients to. Align your marketing materials to use the same fonts, colours and styles wherever your clients see your brand.

Google My Business

A great way of attracting buyers locally to your agency.


Google My Business controls your google maps locations. Being present here will help local clients find your agency and even better costs nothing!

Nurture Your Current Clients

How often do you talk to your current clients?


Too often businesses miss this area of marketing and miss out on a massive opportunity from people who have already know and trust them. Doing simple things like sending Christmas or Anniversary cards may lead to another sale or potentially an upsell of another service?

Emails To Clients Looking To Buy

Ever considered contacting potential clients with relevant properties?


Contacting clients with properties that fit their specification might be the way of helping them find their dream home in their dream area!