Top Tips For Marketing

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We want to help businesses succeed no matter their size, so if you can’t commit to ACCELERATE 365 today; we will still help! Below are three actionable tips that will help improve your marketing

Here are our 3 top tips that are likely to work no matter what business you’re running…

Tip 1

Make Your Branding Consistent

Strengthen your presence for the future…

Would you recognise someone if they were always changing their
appearance? Probably not! So why expect your clients to. Align your
marketing materials to use the same fonts, colours and styles wherever your

clients see your brand.

Tip 2


Are you still open and looking for business?

After this last year its important to make it clear and obvious that you are
still open. If businesses are closing or stopping their marketing, then there
is potentially an opportunity for you to be able to provide support to their

clients who no longer have a supplier if your marketing is right.

Tip 3

Google My Business

A great way of attracting new leads locally.

Google My Business controls your google maps locations. Being present

here will help local clients find your business and even better costs nothing!

Tip 4

Nurture Your Current Clients

How often do you talk to your current clients?

Too often, businesses miss this area of marketing and miss out on a massive
opportunity from people who have already known and trust them. Doing
simple things like sending Christmas or anniversary cards may lead to

another sale or potentially an upsell of another service.

Tip 5

Are There Any Areas That You Can Exploit?

What sectors are booming? What are the age groups affected?

Is there a challenge that your business can help people overcome? Or are

there specific promotions that you can do to keep customers engaged?