Website Design

Building or updating your website for your business.

Website Design

Building or updating your website for your business

Free Marketing Audit

Marketing is a key factor that can generate success within your business. Through marketing, you can encourage potential customers to buy your products or services, adding turnover and profit to your bottom line.

Our Marketing Audit should help your business to determine whether they are doing a good job with your marketing or whether there is room for improvement!

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Website Designers For Businesses Of All Sizes

Here at We Do Your Marketing, we take web design seriously. We can handle both large and small projects to help businesses or all shapes and sizes thrive.

Unlike other website designers, all of our designers have a wide knowledge of both SEO and PPC and other marketing platforms to help create a website that makes your life easier, taking email addresses straight into your CRM or eCommerce payments with apple pay.

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As experienced business owners will know, having a website that can grow alongside your business is imperative to allow you to grow and scale online enquiries. This is why we develop on the leading customisable platform of WordPress and use Elementor as the main builder to help build easy to manage and develop, high speed websites.

While we use well known platforms, we try to stay clear of standard templates and build website that reflects your businesses personality and philosophies to attract the ‘right’ clients.

Our customers find that our flexibility and ability to go the extra mile helps us to create websites that not only drive more traffic, but also more enquires allowing them to focus on delivering great products or services to their customers.

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Globally, e-commerce sales rose to $26.7 trillion in 2020, making up 19% of all retail sales, making it an essential tool for businesses wanting to grow with a 3% increase year on year before 2020. 

While shops like Primark are proving that eCommerce isn’t essential, other businesses failing to adapt are starting to feel the consequence with high streets across the UK failing.

We use a platform called Woo-commerce to allow us to create custom product pages, payment gateways, order fulfilment pipelines and abandoned cart emails to make sure that your eCommerce website is the best it can possibly be.

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Once we have had an initial meeting to discuss your aims and requirements we develop a fully functional website ready for you to review. We do this before we take any payment to ensure that you are happy with the quality and level of service we provide.

“We love how the website is coming together – just the look we we’re trying to get for Meadow” – Helen Dobbins

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Once you have reviewed the website, we generally set up a Microsoft Teams meeting where we go through and edit the website live with you to make sure that we can get the new site up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.

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SEO is the process of improving your rankings when someone searches a specific search term (a search term similar to; SEO Bristol OR SEO Company Bristol). 

As part of our training, anyone who works at We Do Your Marketing has a high level of understanding as to what is required to gain fantastic rankings from Google along with how to research keywords and find the terms that are going to best affect your businesses growth.

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Great websites aren’t just for viewing on a laptop or desktop anymore. Truly great websites cater for both mobiles and tablets while also adapting for desktop computers.

Within one of Google’s recent algorithm (determines rankings) changes Google has focused on mobile speed as a key factor as to whether a website can be ranked highly within its search engine. This is why we aim to build websites that allow fast and user-friendly mobile design helping your website to convert at a higher rate bringing you more enquiries every day.

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5-star computer support services!

Great company who take a refreshingly different approach to your marketing with a transparent pricing and deliverable targets methodology.
Simon Buck


With this in mind, we have set up two options for you to get in touch.  The first option is a direct link to my diary so you can book a call at a time that is convenient without the hassle of the usual back and forth. The second is a traditional contact form so if you would rather get in touch by email, then feel free to use that option.

Either way, it’s important to know:

  1. This is just an exploratory call/email.
  2. There’s no commitment to buy anything, ever.
  3. I’m not going to bad mouth your existing marketing. I’d rather help make your marketing better and easier!
  4. No matter what position you are in with your marketing, we should still talk.
  5. I’ll freely give you as much strategic advice as you like. Helping businesses be more productive and profitable through great marketing is fun, for me!

Looking forward to hearing from you,