Has your IT Support let you down during the COVID crisis?

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Business people with face masks indoors in office, back to work after coronavirus lockdown.

In trying to offer lots of business owners free guidance during the lockdown crisis and now helping with their return back to the office, it has become apparent that many businesses were let down by lazy and inactive IT support companies.

I don’t think anyone could fully anticipate the changes that were going to be needed but the key measure of a great IT support company should be the effort they put in to look after your business during these difficult times.

We had one of the busiest 3 weeks of our history in responding to unprecedented demand for remote working.  Our whole team pulled together though, working lots of extra hours and securing desperately needed hardware to make sure our clients could continue to function.

We also provided security audits and fixes free of charge for not only our customers but for any local business that needed it to ensure their new remote working facilities couldn’t be compromised.  The fallout from the COVID crisis is difficult enough to deal with alone then facing a cyber-attack too!

If your current IT Support provider didn’t respond like this in these moments of crisis then leave them!

Sorry to be blunt but lots of IT companies rose to the challenge, just as we did, really looking after their clients.  Those that didn’t do not deserve your business and obviously don’t care about your survival.

This pandemic has shown how important good IT systems are and so how valuable a great IT support provider can be.

To make things easy for you, I have linked my live calendar below so you can quickly book a  short discussion l at a time that suits us both for a short discussion.

Remember, this call is not a sales call.  We are here to offer friendly and helpful guidance regardless of whether you ultimately buy from us or not.  The reason I do what I do is because I really enjoy helping people and the best way I can help you is to use my nerdy knowledge of business tech systems to give you some strategic advice for your IT systems.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Adam Gillett