Hate VPNs? Here’s the solution

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VPN Virtual Private network protocol. Cyber security and privacy connection technology. Anonymous Internet.

Back in the very first days of the pandemic, many IT support businesses scrambled to get their clients fully functioning IT services from the home environment.


Those businesses that managed to run their business with no VPN had their hand forced, and many new VPNs were introduced into enterprises.

This added great flexibility for file and app access no matter where you were located. Cloud services are excellent, but sometimes there’s a need for a VPN back to the office to access critical services that the cloud covers.

For those not in the know, a VPN stands for virtual private network, and it allows a home/remote user to work as if they were in the office, giving them access to all the files/services that may be housed in your business IT environment.

There’s a problem, though – VPNs add another layer of complexity to your IT infrastructure – with this complexity, there comes support. If you’ve ever been the end-user of a VPN, you’ll already be aware that sometimes your VPN does not work, and a helpdesk ticket has to be raised to fix the issue.

Just like the olden days of having your office server control, your email VPN’s are in the same mix. If there’s an outage of your network or server, access becomes restricted and is a single point of failure for any business.

This is where Microsoft Azure can come to the rescue; many of the old services that once used to be controlled on an office server can be replicated in Microsoft’s cloud.

This includes file storage, domain control services and device security enforcement.

These services combined allow modern businesses to break free of the need from any time for VPN with security access into Azure file storage controlled with azure active directory and Microsoft endpoint.

We won’t bore you with the technical jargon; instead, all you need to know about this solution is that it removes your business’s single point of failure. VPN connectivity no longer needs to worry or frustration for your workforce.

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