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How to become a Marketing Customer

Learn what happens when you submit an enquiry to become a Marketing customer.

How to become a Marketing Customer

Learn what happens when you submit an enquiry to become a Marketing customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Step 1

Initial Enquiry

We have made the first step really easy by giving you a direct link to Harry’s calendar to book in a call without the back and forth of comparing diaries.


Don’t want a telephone or video call? We have also included the option to send an email. We can also offer face to face meetings for anyone who prefers the ‘old school’ approach to meeting people!

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Step 2

Initial Meeting

In our first meeting we will get to know you and your business to find out what your goals are, who your customers are, what is special about your business and what marketing you have previously done.


Really want to move fast? You can take our online survey and skip this meeting by giving us all the information we need!

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Step 3

We build out the plan

From this information we will begin to build out your comprehensive marketing plan for your business to allow you to see what we are planning before we take any of your hard-earned money.

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Step 4

Proposal Meeting

During our second meeting we will present and expand on our ideas to show you we have a firm grasp of your business and to show you what is needed to succeed. Successful marketing strategies that provide consistent sustainable results can take years to implement fully, and while there are short cuts and easy wins – nothing beats the reliable strategy that comes with time.

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Step 5


Finally, you are fully informed – one of our marketers has walked you through what we are planning and you can now either choose to take this in house and see through this marketing strategy yourself or we can get started on making it happen for you.


We are looking forward to hearing from you soon and starting your journey to a marketing campaign that really works!


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from potential customers before they start working with us, just click on the question to see the answer!

No, we don’t expect you to know everything about the options – that is our job. We will explain any sensible options in plain English so between us, we can work what suits you best

No, we hate pushy sales and it doesn’t fit in with why we do what we do.  We don’t employ any sales reps.  Instead, Adam, who is a director will be the one you speak with first.  Adam is a terrible salesman but great at offering sensible advice in plain English.  We want you to be an informed part of the decision process and not just baffled into making a choice that you don’t fully understand. Adam might not be able to sell you anything, but he’ll certainly give you some friendly and valuable guidance.

Yes, most definitely. We have been known to save clients so much on their phone systems that it worked out cheaper to ‘park’ their old system until the contract ended whilst using our new system.  This doesn’t happen often but is something we can check for you.

More importantly, your current system is likely to have an automatic contract renewal clause that normally needs at least 90 days’ notice. So, our recommendation is to be confident in what your next system should be well ahead of the notice period on your current one.  Knowledge is power and it could save you from getting locked into another year or two of your current system.

If you don’t use any of our other services or haven’t worked with us before, then this can be difficult for us to demonstrate. Other services such as our IT Support can be provided without contracts and so is proof that we have to do a good job to keep our customers.  The comms world just isn’t set up for a ‘no contract’ option and so, unfortunately, we cannot demonstrate our commitment to you in the same way.

That said, we share the same ethos across the whole of We Do Your Group and so you’ll naturally get the same level of service. We also think that it is fairly easy to tell who genuinely wants to help you and who is just trying to hit their sales target when you speak with them.  So maybe give Adam a call and get a feel for whether he is authentic to our promise to provide non-pushy advise and compare this to how other companies have treated you.

Phone systems can be complicated and so you do often need someone technical to survey what you have and discuss what you need. So our recommendation is to get in touch with us and we promise not to use any pushy sales tactics.  That said, unlike most providers, we do provide our core prices online.  Click HERE to see our pricing calculator where you can get a feel for the likely monthly costs.

Maintenance and support is included in our pricing. So for as long as you have one of our telephone subscriptions, you will also have access to any help you need.  In fact, we proactively review your systems and make recommendations that we feel will help you.

We find it an odd part of the coms world where providers often give you one price and then expect the customer to haggle with them.  Our pricing is the lowest amount that we can sell our systems for and this price is offered to individuals as well as systems with 100 extensions.  It just doesn’t seem right to us that one customer should be paying more than another and so the simple solution is to offer everyone our best price possible.

There are similarities between a lot of systems but vast differences between your traditional phone system and our cloud-hosted system. We see many people make the mistake of just wanting a telephone system that rings.  A phone system can be much more than that.  The ability to work from anywhere (proven to be super valuable post-COVID), to have voicemail messages delivered as emails, to be able to pull stats on your busy time so you can allocate reception staff correctly or being able to take your main telephone number with you no matter where your next office move takes you are all things that you can do with our system but with very few traditional systems.  All phone systems need to reliably make calls but a modern one can make your life that little bit easier.

Yes, we will manage the porting of all of your existing telephone numbers into our new system. All providers should be able to do this for you so even if you don’t opt for our system, you should be able to keep your telephone numbers.

Yes, it is very likely that you will need new handsets to work with our telephone system. That said, we get the handsets for free if you sign up to a 3-year package and so we pass them on to our you for free too.  Very few providers do this!

It is a common worry but we have yet to meet any Comms provider that is too difficult.  They’ll unlikely be happy but there are laws governing these moments that protect you the customer. So the process is to simply introduce us as your new Comms provider and we will handle the change-over on your behalf.  If you are thinking of leaving a provider than chances are they are used to others leaving too.  These kinds of providers expect a high churn of customers so just hands over the details.  Whatever happens, we will make sure you are looked after through the whole process.

There is a small gain to be had going for a 5-year option as opposed to a 3-year option. In most cases though, our recommendation is to go for a 3-year term.  A 5-year commitment is great for us but is a very long time to commit to a phone system and so for most, the 3-year term is the smarter choice.


Another 5 star review!

Gas Flare had limited knowledge of the best way forward for our telephone and internet/Wi-Fi systems. ‘We do your comms’ have proved to be a great partnership. ‘We do your comms’ have helped Gas Flare every step of the way, With simple guidance and understanding. We would like to mention the help given by Anthony Teddy, he has given a lot of time to Gas Flare in setting up the systems. He has been at the end of the telephone with answers to any problems we have encountered, which have been very few. We would highly recommend ‘We do your comms’ to any company. They have been reliable, approachable and very friendly, and delivered what was agreed in a timely fashion.
Malcom Krencjasz
Gas Flare Limited

Harry Morrow

Marketing Consultant

[email protected]
(0117 360 1500)


With this in mind, we have set up two options for you to get in touch.  The first option is a direct link to my diary so you can book a call at a time that is convenient without the hassle of the usual back and forth. The second is a traditional contact form so if you would rather get in touch by email, then feel free to use that option.

Either way, it’s important to know:

  1. This is just an exploratory call/email.
  2. There’s no commitment to buy anything, ever.
  3. I’m not going to bad mouth your existing marketing. I’d rather help make your marketing better and easier!
  4. No matter what position you are in with your marketing, we should still talk.
  5. I’ll freely give you as much strategic advice as you like. Helping businesses be more productive and profitable through great marketing is fun, for me!

Looking forward to hearing from you,