Office 365 Email Migration, No fuss, No Downtime!

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Microsoft 365

“We complete the migration from start to finish so you can get on with what you do best.”

  • Honest and straightforward fixed price cost structure
  • Our well-rehearsed, precise and efficient process all managed by ourselves
  • From a team that genuinely wants to remove any burden from you
  • Out of hours work at no extra cost
  • We know what your email system means to you and will always treat it with the highest importance.

The idea of migrating your whole email system to office 365 will be daunting for most and rightly so! All of those mailboxes, email addresses, distribution lists, public folders and complicated hosting settings that are required means it is no easy feat. Not to mention the downtime and the cost of any potential problems, which is why you should leave it to a company that specialises in helping businesses like yours migrate their email system to the cloud!

We have migrated emails systems large and small for many industries from legal firms and accountants to pub chains and roofing companies. We have developed a precise and efficient system that removes the common risk and downtime associated with this kind of migrations. Our unique email migration tool enables us to pre-migrate 90% of onsite exchange systems to the Office 365 ecosystem without causing ANY disruption, which allows for swift final migration stage to be planned for a smaller time window and significantly reduces risk as the transfer process is already thoroughly tested in the pre-migration stage.

Add a team of friendly IT professionals that are not only very well-rehearsed in this process and selected because of their natural and genuine desire to help others, and you get a service that removes all the burden from you. We will manage the complete migration including documenting your current system, replicating this structure to Office 365, completing the transfer of old email and configuring your PCs to use the new system.

We can arrange for the disruptive work to happen out of hours for no additional cost, and we will be on hand after the email migration to ensure that transition to Office 365 is trouble free! We know how important your email system is to you and so we treat it with the urgency and significance it deserves.

If this sounds like the kind of managed move to Office 365, you would like, get in touch here to start a friendly chat about how we can help you.