Top IT Tips For Estate Agents

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Estate agencies like yours already benefit from our proactive support and free health monitoring tool, ensuring their systems are always up. We would happily do the same for you but even if this is not something you need, we want to help you.

Here are our 5 top tips, specifically for the type of system you are likely to be running…

Cloud-Based System

How can you utilise one…


Most estate agent management systems are cloud-based now anyway. By using things like Office 365 for your files, email and PC management, it removes the dependency and ongoing cost of onsite servers.

A Backup System In The Cloud

How secure is your data?


Just because all of your important information is stored in the cloud doesn’t mean you are not still vulnerable to damage from hackers, viruses or human error. Cloud backups can be very affordable and don’t require you to remember to do anything as they should be fully automated.

Get A Backup Internet Connection

What would it cost your business if you had no internet?


With so many systems reliant upon a connection to the internet, invest in a backup broadband line from a different internet provider to protect yourself from any broadband issues.

Get Encrypted And Updated

Stear your business clear of a GDPR nightmare!


Make sure your PCs are encrypted and are up to date e.g. are not on Windows 7. You will handle lots of sensitive information about your customers so these two simple steps will tick lots of important GDPR compliance boxes.

Automate Your Bookings

Ever considered booking online as an easy first step for viewings?


If you are not already, consider using a third-party tool like Calendly or Acuity to enable online bookings.