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Customer Profile: Cafe Retreat

Customer Sector: Cafe and Tearoom

Customer Size: Microbusiness

Customer Services used:

How We Help with Computer Technology Problems

Cafe Retreat is a micro business in Bristol; they run a café on The Clifton Downs, their tech Support requirement is small, so they use our PAY-AS-YOU-GO Computer Support Services a few times a year. With most of their issues around software usability and wi-fi internet issues, our experienced team can solve most of their problems very quickly leading to a very low-cost Computer repair and Support solution.

How We Help them with their Online Website Hosting.

Although you would expect a cafe to have minimal internet-based Web Hosting services requirements, in today’s world they are relatively extensive. We look after all of their internet-based cloud services; we manage their internet domain and WordPress website in our Secure GDPR Compliant Computer Data Centre. We ensure that their cafe website daily backups and has all of the latest security updates. We also provide that their websites SSL certification is GDPR compliant and updated as necessary.

How We Help them with Online their Email Hosting.

Like a lot of our customers, Cafe Retreat uses Office 365 for their online business internet email system which enables them to have a professional, affordable, GDPR compliant Email system just like the big business organisations! All of their Office 365 Data including their emails are protected by our office 365 backup solution which takes regular snapshots of their Data so if anything gets lost or deleted, our computer support team can recover it easily!

How We Help with Computer Hardware and Software Choices.

As a micro business purchasing the right Computer Hardware and Software can be very time consuming, we manage all of IT acquisitions ensuring they get the best price and the right products for the job whether it is a wi-fi access point or a new laptop computer.

What They Think

We have been using We Do Your Group for our computer technology needs for some time. As a cafe, the majority of our work is face to face interactions, but we use a lot of technology as a backbone to the business, for accounting and marketing purposes amongst others. I find I can always get through to them on the phone quickly and never see them have pushy sales tactics, they know what I want and need and are happy to help whenever I need it, even though it’s not very often!

What we Think

We have been helping this business for some years now, we don’t hear from them often but enjoy having a catch up with how things are going and a slightly different challenge to our regular businesses of office dwellers.
As with many small businesses, behind the scenes, there are many computer systems backing everything up and ensuring the smooth running of the day to day business. These don’t have to be complicated and, like in this case, they mainly run along on their own, but that’s where we thrive.
When an issue does occur, or a new computer system is required, we are at the end of the phone or email to help. Alternatively, we can send out a technician to advise on any upgrades or issues. We would never send a ‘Salesperson’ to see a client; we always have access to an IT Professional who knows what we need and how much it’s going to cost so that the client is updated as quickly as possible.

So our offer to you is if you a business in Bristol looking for onsite or remote pc support, cloud services or have a wireless network problem please give our experts in our Bristol Office a call on 0117 9118808 or inquire for help here.

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