Excellent Pay-As-You-Go Legal IT Support

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Excellent Pay-As-You-Go Legal IT Support a Customer Profile

Customer Profile: Cooper Cavendish

Customer Sector: Solicitors

Customer Size: Micro (<10 Employees, turnover of ≤ €2 Million)

Customer Services used:

Who is Cooper Cavendish?

Cooper Cavendish is a niche, specialist legal remuneration practice, advising a broad range of clients on how to retain, reward and incentivise talent in today’s competitive environment.

They align well with our values. They aim to “make your job easier not more difficult” where we aim to “take away the burden of technology so that you can get on with what you do best” which is always great when passions collide!

How We Help Cooper Cavendish with Computer Problems

We have been helping Cooper Cavendish with their IT Support on a Pay As You Go basis. Like a lot of Microbusinesses, they tend to call us a few times a year, just as and when they need some help, leading to a very low-cost IT Support solution.

We provide IT consultations when required and have helped with some initial discussions when they first started up so that they were able to assess costings and what technical equipment would be needed to get a business up and to run.

How We Help Cooper Cavendish with Office 365

Office365 is a game changer for any new start-up businesses. For a low monthly cost, they have business grade exchange email alongside 1TB of cloud storage, a Microsoft office license and access to an ever-growing arsenal of business apps! With no need for an on-site server and the use of cloud storage has meant we have been able to provide access to the network drives they have been familiar with from anywhere. 

They can work from separate locations including home offices but collaborate on work and communicate as if they were in the same office thanks to apps such as Microsoft Teams.

How We Help Cooper Cavendish with Hardware and Software Purchases

Running a chain of solicitors across multiple sites can sometimes make purchasing more complex, with some products needing delivery to different offices and a more extensive range of places that have different requirements. Managing all of the purchases, delivery options and getting the right products the first time can be time-consuming. We handle all of this on their behalf and ensure that the correct items are ordered and delivered to the correct site, on time and in the budget, saving them both time and money.

How We Help Cooper Cavendish with Communications

With knowledge of the systems and hardware they use we can quickly advise on any upgrades or additional hardware or software purchases that Cooper Cavendish may require. We’re always a quick phone call or email away to offer advice or manage investments on their behalf when necessary.

What They Think

We Do Your IT helped us set up our IT infrastructure from the very outset and helped us identify what hardware was appropriate for our business, which was invaluable. We love having the continued flexibility to call on these IT Professionals as and when required without the fees and lock-in of a contract suits us well too. We can manage our costs efficiently while having access to vast technical expertise.  Which is very valuable in a business of our size as it helps us easily make the correct technology decisions the first time.

What we Think

We are always pleased to be able to help and advise new business start-ups. We have been able to advise on the initial setup systems and costings so that they have been fully informed and are ready to make their next move. Having helped legal companies for a number of years we are familiar with setups at small and larger companies so our advice can be tailored to their legal requirements and expectations rather than a simple generic business start-up.

The best thing about helping start-ups is being able to see them grow from a small two-person setup to a larger office with more staff, including support staff and to be an ‘enabler’ of that journey.

So our offer to you is if you a business in Bristol looking for onsite or remote pc support, cloud services or have a wireless network problem please give our experts in our Bristol Office a call on 0117 9118808 or inquire for help here.