Unlimited IT Support for a Legal Helpline

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Unlimited IT Support for a Legal Helpline a Customer Profile

Customer Profile: Law Express

Customer Sector: Solicitors/Legal

Customer Size: Small (<50 Employees, turnover of ≤ €10 Million)

Customer Services used:

Who is Law Express?

Law Express has over 20 years’ experience providing a first-class customer service experience, with a dedicated team of experienced legal advisers. They provide access to telephone advice and online legal information for Employers, Employees, associations and their members.

Their main head office is in Bristol, but they have many staff working remotely throughout the UK and abroad.

How We Help Law Express with Computer Problems

We provide Law Express with our All-You-Can-Eat fixed price IT Support, which covers their main office and their remote workers. Support is equipped with both on-site and remotely, and we speak to them daily in most cases. Their staff receive our weekly ‘check-up’ email asking for feedback on how their systems are working so we can proactively fix any niggling issues before they become a big problem. We also actively monitor their systems to ensure we can fix many issues before they even know about it!

As it incurs no additional costs, their team are able to contact us directly and as often as they require.  Not needing to restrict access to our IT Support internally, makes dealing with technology problems super quick and easy to get fixed.

How We Help Law Express with Web Hosting

We have hosted the Law Express website for many years in our Secure GDPR Compliant Data Centre. We ensure that they have relevant parts such as SSL certificates to ensure that they are not only GDPR compliant themselves, but their site is secure for their current and potential new customers.  As part of our hosting service, we also manage their website updates and backup protection.

How We Help Law Express with Email Hosting

With their email hosted internally, it is essential that the health of their server network is proactively maintained. We have been able to put quick and cost-effective measures in place to protect against downtime.  Utilising an external strong Anti-Spam system adds even greater protection with most threats being handled before they even reach their onsite server.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software’s are essential in any business but are critical in any legal environment.  Through our centrally managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware systems, we are able to both monitor the health of their defences as well as promptly react to any threat detected. This allows Law Express to dedicate their time to their clients in the confidence of knowing we are protecting their systems.

How We Help Law Express with Hardware and Software Purchases

We manage new purchase requirements for Law Express to ensure the correct and most future-proof products are ordered the first time. Working on an ‘on time and on budget’ basis we arrange for deliveries to be made directly to their offices or to ours if we need to configure anything for them before delivery. We fully manage everything for them to free them up to do what they do best!

How We Help Law Express with Communications

Law Express has an extensive telephone system with us.  From inception through to installation and maintenance we have provided everything a busy legal services company requires.

They have one of the most extensive collections of numbers of all of our customers. Many of their customers are assigned dedicated numbers with personalised answering meaning they have over 220 individual numbers with many more held for future use.

With staff working from all over the country and abroad they also have a slightly different setup to most of our standard users. Their team working remotely needed their own phones which just plug in and work efficiently. Having remote workers also meant additional configuration to enable them to transfer calls seamlessly to and from the central office.  It was also necessary to include many of the remote workers in ‘hunt groups’ when seeking an available operative to answer the call. Alongside this, they required a GDPR compliant full call recording facility and the ability to run regular in-depth reports to monitor service levels. We are very proud of the fantastic telephone system we have set up for them.  It even saved so much money for them that they transferred to our system before they were out of contract with their old system… just put their old phones in a cupboard for the remaining period of their commitment!

What They Think

We have been working with We Do Your Group since they first started and have been very pleased with the proactive recommendations and options they make available to us. Having a single point of contact for everything technological makes things easier for us, and we have been delighted with our new phone system which is working well and saving us money on our bills each month.

What we Think

Law Express is one of our oldest customers, we have worked with them since we first began. We have relished the opportunity to work on something a bit different, particularly with their telephone system; it was indeed a challenge at first to design how everything would work together, but we have come away with some fantastic results!

Law Express is the most ‘distributed’ company we work for regarding staff location and variety, and it’s a pleasure to be able to support them and see them succeed. We have developed great relationships with their staff who we work alongside regularly, and we are excited to help remove the burden of technology from their extensive ‘to-do’ list.

So our offer to you is if you are business in Bristol looking for onsite or remote pc support, cloud services or have a wireless network problem please give our experts in our Bristol Office a call on 0117 9118808 or inquire for help here.