Bristol – 5 Great Lessons about Choosing IT Support

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Agent taking notes while talking with customer using headphones and microphone in customer support center.

Attention Businesses in Bristol Before You Change Your IT Support Provider

We genuinely want to help you make the right decision, you will be stronger for it, and that warm feeling from directly helping someone is why we do what we do. So in this spirit, below are five considerations you should have when choosing any computer IT Support provider.

1. Are they a member of a governing body or organisation that sets out a code of conduct?

Most industries such as gas or electrical services are well known for having governing bodies that protect you and your data. The IT services industry is not so well regulated, and anyone can start up a Support services business. As much as the IT support services industry is lacking in enforcing a governing body, they do exist such as the BCS (British Computer Society) and any professional business computer support company in Bristol should be proud to be a member of one.

2. Do they actively monitor your software systems to provide proactive support

Historically, computer support for the small and medium business sector in Bristol has provided reactive rather than proactive services support; this comes at the expense of increased network downtime. A modern IT Support services company should now be providing active network monitoring as standard. These systems should be monitoring all of your critical data systems as a minimum and automatically alerting to potential support problems before they impact on your business system.

3. Are they trying to lock you into a strict business support services contract?

In Bristol a fixed price services contract is a sensible decision, it’s is also fair to sign a support contract as part of the fixed price rate. However, it is becoming typical for computer IT Support companies to restrict support contracts so they can charge for extra service or limit where you can shop for hardware, data services and systems. This restriction on competition should be a sign of concern. A good IT support business in Bristol will keep customer through choice rather than forceful service contracts.

4. Are their support services pricing structures fair?

A good sign of how fair and honest an IT Support company in Bristol is likely to be is their pricing structure. If it’s complicated, then they are likely to be hiding costs. The overuse of minimum charges, call out fees and lack of descriptions etc. is another sign that they are more interested in profit than customers. A good support company should use a simple pricing structure and charge in small units of time such as by the 15-minute block rather than by the hour.

5. Can they offer complete business support IT solution?

Having a single point of contact to call for the complete business IT system can not only make your life easier, but it can also make troubleshooting software and fix times quicker. While it’s good to have a choice to go elsewhere, having a good computer, IT support services company that can provide web hosting services, supply your IT software and hardware, as well as telephone and data systems support, will help reduce business downtime, costs and stress in those disaster recovery times. Having everything under one roof can also mean quicker fix times on interconnected network support issues!

As part of our commitment to excellent customer service for customers we adhere to the above principals, if you would like a no-nonsense conversation about business support click here to enquire now or call 01179118808 to see how we can help or you can click here to find out more about our excellent IT support solution for Businesses in Bristol